KanvasLight® rewarded with a special mention from the jury at Metstrade 2017 in Amsterdam.

DAME Design Award 2017

Deck KanvasLight® : A breakthrough to light up your various deck areas which has been nominated to compete in Amsterdam (Mets) and Paris (Nautic).

Thanks to KanvasLight® it is now possible to illuminate any part of the deck without heavy power installations.

The idea is very innovative: KanvasLight® is made of optical fibers woven together and integrated into the canvas.

It produces a soft and confortable light.

The optical fibers are perfectly incorporated into the canvas which can be folded or unfolded.
The power supply is on the side and the consumption is low ( 12V or 24V – 10 Watts)

KanvasLight® itself is an inert material that works without electric power.
It is insensitive to water or humidity

KanvasLight® presents a good UV resistance. The heating is low thanks to an oversized heatsink which remains hidden.

KanvasLight® ensures a confortable light distribution on deck while committing to an eco-friendly approach of public health and energy consumption.

Given the specificity of every boat, KanvasLight® is developed upon request from the boatbuilders or individual owners.