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IBEX 2021 Innovation Awards Winner CAMX Award


Kanvaslight has many custom options. If you need your logo turned into a lighting piece for your tent? That’s very possible with Kanvaslight. If you need your Kanvaslight to be a red light for when you’re docking your boat? That’s possible as we have RGB capabilities available. We offer many custom projects and solutions so contact us for your customization options and we will work with you to have your needs met.

Keep Your Manufacturing Process Easy With Guardtex Manufacturing Options

Guardtex, Design and manufacture of technical textile solutions

We design and manufacture high-tech textile solutions.
We engineer the design without taking physical measurements or using a template* and we manufacture custom solutions with mass production efficiency.
With our 4 areas of expertise ENGINEERING, DIGITIZATION, CUTTING, and ASSEMBLING we can provide textile solutions in size from just a few inches to large formats measuring several dozen meters.
Sewing machine
Integrate your fabric light with a simple seam line
Quick solution
Quick solution
Guardtex offers quick Engineering and manufacturing services.
Fixed or removable
Fixed or Removable
With Velcro bands. Make Kanvaslight an essential option to your clients.
Easy solution
Easy solution
Guardtex takes care of everything, you receive a finished product.
Color Options
Color Options
Guardtex works with many different fabrics and vinyl. We offer a wide range of options for your projects.
Best Aesthetic
Best Aesthetic
With our experience, we integrate perfectly Kanvaslight into your canvas, upholstery, flooring…
Kanvaslight ready-to-fit schema