Deck KanvasLight®

An innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly approach


SNA breaks the mold with a new lighting concept for leisure boats outdoor equipment.

SNA designed the first textile protection with integrated lighting that is perfectly suitable for the marine environment.

The light comes from a remote LED source and is injected into the canvas through a bundle of optical fibers. The fibers are woven using the patented Lightex technology. Light is diffused in a natural manner throughout the whole surface of the fabric.

SNA went further than just producing lighting fabric. It turned the fabric into a luminaire.

This lighting application is appealing in a marine setting as it is totally safe. No electric current is flowing within the fabric. There are no risks of electrocution or deterioration when in contact with water and humidity. Nor is there a fire hazard as the heating is weak and controlled.

The lighting device combines a canvas and the softness of a light diffused by a material able to adapt to curves and waves. Therefore it allows a very spontaneous use with no need of prior installation.